Concrete Planter Troughs

smart planter troughsAre you looking for concrete planter troughs? Smart Planter brings to you a wonderful, lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to concrete planter troughs.

Our modular planter troughs are made from UV stabilised recycled PVC, which makes them lightweight, easy to move around and easy to maintain too.

Better Alternative to Concrete Planter Troughs

When you can choose from better alternatives, why would you want to choose concrete planter troughs? Concrete planters are very bulky, which makes it difficult to move them if you want to place them elsewhere in the future. Not only are they expensive, transporting them will cost you too.

In comparison, the modular range of smart planter troughs from Smart Planter are pocket friendly, easy to assemble and easy to maintain too. Being lightweight, they can be moved should you choose to do so, anytime, anywhere.

Being modular, they offer a distinct advantage. Say you have around 20 of these modular planters, and after some time, you are moving houses. You could choose to disassemble, which will reduce the amount of space required to move them. Moreover, they are lightweight, so if you choose to transport them as is, with the plants in place, moving is a breeze in comparison to moving concrete planter troughs.

Smart Planter Troughs

  • Our modular planter boxes offer myriad benefits. Let’s take a look.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Hollow cross sections aid in the growth of your plants, which is clearly missing in concrete planter troughs
  • Pocket friendly
  • Made from UV treated, recycled PVC
  • Add as many planters you want to create the desired arrangement or layout

Choose Smart Planter

Smart Planter is the number one choice for homeowners and commercial property owners for their practical benefits. Contact us today to place your order.