Custom Made Square Planters

custom made square plantersLooking for custom made square planters?

Choose Smart Squares, the modular custom made square planters from Smart Planter.

These are perfect for settings where you sturdiness is key, such as windy balconies. The flat, square base results in a stable and sturdy planter that is great for tall plants like large shrubs and fruit trees.

Superior Quality Custom Made Square Planters

At Smart Planter, we aim to bring to you stunningly designed planters are manufactured from high quality materials. Made from recycled PVC in our state of the art units, our custom made square planters help reduce the amount of PVC waste that goes into landfills.

We believe in making a difference in every possible way we can. And what better way than minimising the PVC waste entering landfills!

Truly Smart Square Planters

Our planters are unlike any other square planters. They are smart in the truest sense. With hollow cross sections, these planters trap air. The trapped air acts as a heat cushion that brings down the heat transfer to plants and roots. This means that your plants require minimal watering and maintenance.

When you invest in our custom made square planters, you are investing in complete peace of mind.

Why Choose Smart Planter

  • Available in a wide range of stunning designs and sizes
  • Complete customisation options available to suit your requirements
  • Made from UV treated recycled PVC, these smart planters help minimise your carbon footprint
  • Flat packaging means that they reach you in superior condition
  • Easy to assemble
  • Practical and modern
  • Easy to maintain and care for
  • Aids in the growth of your plants

Contact Smart Planter today for more information about our square planter boxes. Call 02 9526 1455 now.