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Planter Box Gardening Tips for Beginners

Looking for a way to spruce up your home? Look no further than Smart Planter, your one-of-a-kind gardening solution that lets you breathe new life into your living spaces.

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Take a look at our custom planter boxes in Australia, available in a wide range of designs such as raised planters, standard pots, terraced garden planters, garden edges planters and narrow planters.

Custom planter boxes have taken gardening to a whole new level. A few tips will help beginners in setting up and sustaining their bit of green space for a very long time.

Proper Placement

Choose an ideal place for your plastic planter boxes. All plants require sunshine so make sure your planter is placed in a place which receives adequate sunlight. Only then your herbs or flowering plants will thrive well.

Water Them

A planter box must be watered frequently more than a sapling that is planted directly in the ground. There will be moisture loss and watering regularly will ensure your plant survives the warmest of summers.

Choose Plants Wisely

A planter box has limited space so don’t overcrowd it. Choose small varieties of plants that yield well rather than cluttering your planter with bushy vines. Planter boxes are suitable for compact varieties of vegetables and herbs that are sure to grow and last well.

Fertilise Often

Plants need nutrients and minerals to thrive and bloom. Make sure you follow a fertiliser regimen so that your plants look their best. Let your potting mix be of the highest quality and you will find your herbs looking fresh and healthy all the year round.

Groom and Prune

Your planter box appears young and full if you prune your plants regularly. Get rid of dried stems and damaged leaves. Keep your garden scissors handy so you can snip off any unwanted foliage.

Change Plants

Once you know that the plants have lived life well it is time to replace them with fresh plants. Grow seasonal plants and keep your planter box new and exciting.

Clean Your Planter Box

It is not just your flowers that need tender loving care but the container as well. Once every while clean your planter box with mild detergent and water so that it looks neat and tidy. Get rid of muddy stains and you’ll have your planter box looking good as new.

Now that you’ve learned the essentials of planter boxes- its maintenance and care, it is time to own one. Get in touch with us for innovative and unique pieces that will inspire a passion and a love for gardening.

Feel free to contact us regarding any product inquiry, we’d love to hear from you.

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