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Garden market supplier Australia

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Garden market supplier Australia

A Brief History of Gardening you can use with our Garden market supplier Australia.

You probably take gardening for granted, since everyone gardens or knows someone who does. However, did you ever think about how gardening got started and how it developed into the vegetable and flower gardens we have today? Here is a brief history of gardening down through the centuries.

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  • Ancient Gardening

The oldest known type of gardening is called forest gardening. This refers to an ancient type of food gardening. As food producing vines and trees were discovered, they began to be cultivated in groups to gain easy access to food. Eventually, these evolved into more elaborate ornamental gardens kept for the wealthiest members of society.

  • Gardening in the Middle Ages

Ornamental gardening started dying off a bit during the Middle Ages. Most gardens were designed to grow herbs and other plants for medicine after the fall of the Roman Empire. Many of these gardens were maintained around churchyards. Monasteries had gardens to supply both the infirmary and the kitchen. Read more about Garden market supplier Australia and raised planting bed plans Australia

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