Large Planter Boxes

Gallery 15 Are you looking to install large planter boxes in your commercial or residential property? Check out the entire collection of large planter boxes from Smart Planter. We are an Australian owned business with years of experience in modular planters. Choose from our huge range of sizes or feel free to ask for custom sizes.
Smart and Large Planter Boxes
Our planter boxes are not just large, they are smart too. Each module can be connected to create a layout you desire. Moreover, each panel is hollow in cross section. This helps in trapping air to minimise heat transfer to your plants and shrubs. What does that mean for your plants? Your plants are much less prone to drying out, and can do without frequent watering and maintenance. That’s what makes our large planter boxes smart, practical and creative. No matter where you place them, outdoors or indoors, inside a hotel, a mall or on your terrace, they will add instant aesthetic appeal to the space.
High Quality Planters
Our large planter boxes are made using recycled PVC and also treated for UV. This way, we are able to minimise our impact on the environment by way of reducing the PVC that goes to landfills. Moreover, these modular planters are light weight, which makes them so much better than concrete planters, which are really heavy and bulky. Moving them will require lots of help, energy and perhaps even equipment. Smart Planter’s planter boxes are large, but not heavy. They are light in weight and light on your pocket too.
Benefits of Our Large Planter Boxes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Aid in the growth of plants
  • Eco friendly option
  • Light weight alternative to concrete planters
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