Large Square Planters

2 Looking for large square planters? Looking for a lightweight solution? Smart Planter brings a wide range of large square planters made from UV treated, recycled PVC. Our square planters are available in a variety of size options so you can choose the one that perfectly fits your needs. And if our standard sizes won’t do, simply ask for customised square planters, and we will manufacture them for you.
Smart and Square
Our Smart Square range of modular planters is perfect for all kinds of settings and environments. When you are looking for sturdy planters for your windy balcony, this is your ideal choice. When you need to make a bold statement with large square planters, our Smart Squares range is perfect. Whether you are looking to place them indoors or outdoors, whether in your home or in commercial spaces including entertainment centres and malls, our Smart Squares will create a beautiful environment with their stunning design and aesthetic appeal.
High Quality Large Square Planters
Our modular planters are manufactured from UV treated, recycled PVC, which means that every Smart Planter that you buy helps reduce your carbon footprint. After all every piece of PVC that’s saved from going to landfills is a gift unto us. These large square planters come in flat packs and can be assembled in no time. These planters come with a false floor to optimise the soil requirements. Choose from our standard options or feel free to ask for customisation.
Why Choose Smart Planter
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Lightweight and eco friendly
  • Easy to move around unlike concrete and wood planters
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Help with the growth of plants
  • Made from UV treated, recycled PVC
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