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Looking for planter boxes for Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and all major cities throughout Australia? You’ve come to the right place! Our “Smart Planter” can facilitate a range of possibilities! This is because we’ve made some unique adjustments to planter box design – to improve the quality of the box for letting those green shoots blossom into something beautiful!

Every panel of our planter boxes has a hollow cross section, to trap air. This trapped air helps as a kind of heat buffer, to minimise heat transfer into the soil or whatever medium the plant roots are growing in. This means roots won’t dry out as easily – minimising the need for watering and general maintenance. Our planter boxes for Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and other major cities are therefore perfect for growing where maintenance is an issue.

Custom Made Planter Boxes

Our custom-made planter boxes for Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth can cater to any industry, including the garden market, health sector, or for busy landscape professionals who need a product they know is going to work!

Environmentally Friendly

Our planter boxes for Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth customers are also environmentally friendly, as they are made of recycled stabilised PVC – to reduce on landfill! Be truly green with Smart Planter’s planter boxes!

Delivery Destinations

We deliver throughout Australia, including:

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Smart Planter Boxes is currently closed for operation, as we are in the process of transferring ownership

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