Planter Boxes for Balconies

Planter Boxes for Balconies

When it comes to an apartment balcony, space is a premium. If you are interested in balcony gardening, you need a solution that can take the plants off your floor. After all, you want to make the most of the space available. The Smart Planter offers a wonderful space-saving solution. Our planter boxes for balconies are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your requirements. Choose from square pots and rectangular trough pots for your balcony.

High Quality Planter Boxes for Balconies

The extra long planter boxes for balconies offer additional planting room without using up a lot of balcony space. When you are looking for tall screening, the extra long planters are perfect.

These lightweight planter boxes are made using recycled PVC and are extremely durable. Their light weight makes it easy to move them around if you decide to change the layout in the future. What’s more, their modular design means that you can use them as standalone pots or create a layout. Your choice, totally!

Treated for UV, these planter boxes can be used outdoors without worrying about over exposure.

Customisation Available

Our narrow planter boxes are available in a wide range of sizes ranging from 0.808sqm to 2.349sqm. Choose a size that suits your requirements or ask for customisation if you’re looking for a specific size.

The Perfect Solution

Smart Planter boxes are practical, stylish and easy to maintain. These planter boxes feature hollow panels at the cross sections, which trap air to help reduce heat transfer to your shrubs and plants. This ensures that your plants do not dry out. In fact, they will be able to sustain longer without the need for frequent watering.

The Smart Planter boxes are eco friendly, easy to install and assist in plant growth.

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