Planter Boxes for Herbs
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Planter Boxes for Herbs

Looking to grow your own herbs at home? Looking to make the most of the limited space available? Smart Planter brings to you the perfect planter boxes for growing herbs – the Smart Vegetable range.

The Smart Vegetable planter features internal braces, a perimeter and a retaining wall that gives easy access while keeping pests out of reach. These planter boxes are perfect for herbs as they don’t have a floor, which gives them access to the soil organisms like worms while also paving way for good drainage.

High Quality Planter Boxes for Herbs

The Smart Vegetable planter boxes are available in a wide range of sizes from 2.15sqm to 6.28sqm. If the standard sizes don’t fit your requirements, ask us to make a custom planter box for you. Whether you want them wide enough, long enough or high enough for your requirements, we can customise these planter boxes to suit your needs. Choice of colours includes off white, terracotta, sandstone, charcoal, black and dark green.

Made from UV treated recycled PVC, our planter boxes are a smash hit across Australia. They are eco-friendly, light weight, and are extremely durable. Unlike concrete or terracotta planters, the Smart Vegetable planter does not break easily or chip out. Moreover, its light weight allows easy movement in case you want to change the layout or placement of your planter boxes.

Get Smart, Get Smart Planter

Smart Planter is one of the leading manufacturers of modular planters. Our modular system makes gardening fun. Add as many modules you like to make the perfect arrangement, or use as standalone planters.

No matter how you use them, our smart planter troughs are bound to make gardening and landscaping easy and practical. Contact us today to place your order. Call 0417 251 374 now to get started.

Feel free to contact us regarding any product inquiry, we’d love to hear from you.

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