Planter Boxes with Seating
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Planter Boxes with Seating

A deck is a wonderful space. You can make it even better with a built-in seating with planter boxes and cushions around. That makes for a wonderful sit out space to enjoy during the weekends or after a busy day at work.

There’s something about planter boxes with seating that can enhance any space. So if you like the idea of keeping company with plants as you lounge in your deck or garden, this is the perfect idea for you. But if you’re worried about the amount of time and work it would take to build planter boxes with seating, then breathe easy.

With Smart Planter’s range of modular planter boxes, installing planter boxes with seating becomes a breeze.

Planter Boxes

All you need is a wooden bench seat and some of our high quality planter boxes and you are all set. If you already have a bench, your work is cut out for you. Choose from square planters or narrow planter boxes and place them at both the ends of your bench. And you have a stunning seating area with planters. Decorate them with your favourite plants and enjoy your orders in style.

Smart Accessibility

Our Accessibility planters are a wonderful option when you want to create a seating space for those using a wheelchair. The Smart Accessibility range of planters make gardening easy for those who are wheelchair bound and also provide a beautiful space for the wheelchair to fit into. Alternatively, you can place a bench and use it as a seating area surrounded by plants.

Custom Planters

At Smart Planter, we are happy to customise our planter boxes to suit your specific requirements. So if our standard sizes don’t work for your needs, simply let us know the specifications and we will create a custom made planter box for you.

Feel free to contact us regarding any product inquiry, we’d love to hear from you.

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