The Process

Process 1
01 Step

This is the Base of the Planter Box 2000Lx800x1050H with the double Rail 40mmx20

02 Step

The back wall is assembled 200mmx20mm plank with tripe rail joiners 40mmx20mm which are fasten with 22mmx10 gurge screws

Process 2
Process 3
03 Step

This is the internal support for the false floor the supports are connected to the base and sides with glued and screws

04 Step

Assembling the False Floor, 200mmX20mm Planks with H Channles Joiners 20mm X 40mm

Process 4
Process 5
05 Step

The finished False floor with H and triple rail joiners

06 Step

This is the finished Planter with The U channel

No Process Img
Process 7
07 Step

This is the finished Planter with The U channel

08 Step

This is 300mm Plank Tonuge and grove that is used to make planter boxes that gives a clean look with no joiners.

Process 8
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